Floating Glass Frames - An Exciting Alternative For Picture Frames

In framing photos or pictures, it is not only the protection that it provides that is important. It is also quality and the enhancement of the picture or the photo that should be considered - Glass Picture frames provide this enhancement. Frames are like crowning glories of photographs and art materials. Even how beautiful, intricate and nice these materials are, but if their framing are not that good, they will just sink in and become worthless. Also, most of these picture or artworks are priceless, thus, a proper and appropriate presentation of them should be done.

A number of considerations have to be taken in choosing the right photo frame for your piece of work or memory. These include the size, color, dimensions, and the matte. The borders, their color and design are significant in enhancing or ruining the beauty of your material. The problem with frames is that, they sometimes become more eye-catching than the picture, which creates a problem in attention capturing. Also, there are pictures or pieces of art material that we want to frame which do not really need borders. And when borders are not appropriately chosen, the pictures become unnoticeable and unpleasing to the visual sense.

Furthermore, some pictures need a three dimensional view in order to have the full picture of it. In these cases, the use of glasses and a floating effect come into play. Glass panes are very flexible and easy to be set-up especially in use for framing. One advantage of using glass is it adapts to any material that you will frame in it. It also adds elegance to artwork and provides an excellent protection to the picture.

Because photos that are displayed are very much prone to damages, by touching breathing on them and others, they should be thoroughly protected without compromising the displaying quality of the material. The glass fully protects the material but also fully covers them, thus protecting and keeping it safely. Also, glasses are not prone to hazing, degradation, insect infestation, moisture absorption as long as they are kept hanging in the wall.

The benefits of using glass become better and more beneficial when combined it with floating frames. In this modern framing method, both the panes (front and backdrop which sandwich the picture) are made of glass but are separated by small panels. The picture inside the frames is given depth as the third dimension thus enhancing their visual impact. In addition, floating glass frames or floating glass picture frames are a way of giving dignity to a piece of picture or artwork. These methods are commonly used in art exhibits and museums because in this way, frames are complementary to the picture and/or the artwork. Also, in this way, you are concentrating the attention of the observer to the picture or artwork and to the picture frame. Thus, floating glass picture frames are an exciting alternative to picture frames.

by Libby Canfield

Leather Sofa Beds Vs Fabric Sofa Beds

The living room of every house is the place where your friends and family gather for a get together, for a meal or watch TV. Therefore, this place has to be kept as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Since the sofa is the most used of all furniture, making it relaxing and comfy becomes important.

The sofa is very important for your living room so the one that best suits your needs must be chosen. Choosing a sofa can get quite confusing, therefore by having a definite style of sofa in mind it will make things easily for you before you select one. Do some research on the material so that you can foresee the pros and cons of it. When you are sure of what your requirements are, shopping definitely becomes easier. After the desired sofa is brought to your house, the question of maintenance arises. Maintenance is important to keep it in good shape.

Start by considering how your sofa is going to be used. Sitting is one obvious reason; some convert their sofa into a bed. So keep in mind the maintenance part of it. Leather sofa beds will not only need costly repairs because of frequent wear and tear; but will also require lengthy leather maintenance. However, it is easy to clean - it can just be cleaned with a feather duster or rag. A rag or a cotton cloth dipped in water can be used to wipe the sofa clean. These methods keep it clean and free from dust and other minute particles. The feather duster can be also used to clean, hard to reach corners wherein dust accumulates. To keep its shine intact use-cleaning agent which are easily available at hardware stores. Additionally they are best suited for colder weather conditions. In case you are residing in a humid region, the stickiness gets unbearable. Fortunately, there are other alternatives too. To avoid using incorrect cleaning agent identify the correct material used in it, or else you might end up ruining its quality.

Fiber sofa beds are better suited for warm climates than leather sofa beds. However, it is easy to maintain it gets troublesome when tarnished. However, spot cleaners and soap solutions can be safely used on fiber sofa beds. Toothbrush with soft-bristle dipped in similar solution can also be used to get rid of stubborn stains Vacuum cleaners can also be used to suck off all dust particles. If you can pay, maintenance charges you can assign fabric-cleaning agencies to clean up your sofa this will make your job easier.

Whether it is a leather sofa bed or a fiber sofa bed, both need to be kept free from dust, stain and murkiness. It all depends on the level of enthusiasm and the amount of time you can devote to keeping it clean. Go in for the one, which best suits, your climate or the one that is convenient to you. If you are a busy person but can shell out maintenance fees to the cleaning agency go ahead and give the annual contract of cleaning the sofa to them.

by David S Bester

Fireplace Inserts - Wood Vs Pellets

These days, many people are turning to fireplace inserts in an effort to reduce heating costs. Fireplaces can be great with their open, crackling flames, but they aren't very efficient. Fireplace inserts, whether they burn wood or pellets, can keep an entire room or an entire home warm, and they can better regulate the heat in an area. Around a wood fireplace, seats closest to the fire may be unbearably hot while seats across the room will be cool.

Using a fireplace insert can help circulate heat around your entire home, but there are a couple of different types of fireplace inserts that you can use: wood-burning and pellet-burning.

Each type of fireplace insert can help increase the efficiency of your home's heating system, but there are pros and cons to each type. If you get the right kind of fireplace insert, both wood-burning and pellet-burning inserts can be very clean and efficient. Other than that, though there are things to consider on both sides of the argument.

Wood-burning fireplace inserts burn one of the cheapest available sorts of fuel, especially if you can find and chop your own wood or get it from local landscaping companies who would otherwise discard it. Fireplace insert pellet stoves burn special pellets, which can be bought at local hardware stores; these pellets aren't as cheap as wood, but they will still save you money on your overall heating costs.

One potential problem with pellet-burning inserts is that they require electricity to run properly, so if you go through a power outage, you may have a problem. You can, however, buy battery-powered backup power sources to keep your stove running during an electrical outage. A wood-burning stove, on the other hand, doesn't take any electricity and will continue to work during a power outage.

One of the best parts about fireplace insert pellet stoves is that they don't need complex ventilation systems. You can usually just run a short length of pipe or pellet vent straight out the wall behind the stove. With a wood-burning stove, on the other hand, you'll have to have a more complex chimney, which can be really expensive.

Another great thing about pellet-burning stoves is that it can regulate the heat in your home by turning on and off based on the temperature of your home; besides this, pellet stoves can have fans added to them, which can circulate heat around your entire home. Wood-burning stoves, on the other hand, have to be stoked and messed with in order to change the level of heat in the room, and if you are gone overnight, your home is likely to be freezing when you get home.

by CH Brown

Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2010

Every year, bathroom design trends change. If you are thinking about bath remodeling and would want to know what’s hip and hot this coming season, you have come to read the right article. 2010 is expected to be another explosive year, stylishly speaking. People are getting more comfortable expressing themselves in their home designs so you would expect that the trends are going personal.

For Him, For Her

The problem with bathrooms in the master bedroom is that they are often chaotic and hardly organized. Owing to the fact that men and women have different needs and design preferences, bathroom designs for 2010 are expected to create a place for him and for her. That is so you and your partner can dress up and prep up at the same time without clashing.

Multiple Showers

To beef up the baths functionality, having big spaces for shower is being embraced for the season. Larger shower spaces with multiple shower heads are in. Cluttered spaces with huge tubs that are barely used are out. The now generation needs their bathrooms to be ultra functional. Being able to shower at the same time is definitely a nice idea with all the fancy plumbing and stuff.

Heated Tiles

The feel and look of the stone-cold floor is outdated. The trend of today is heated tiles. Yes, a tiled floor with electric heating mesh beneath is one of the luxuries you can adapt in your own bathroom this season. No need to suffer from getting 'cold feet'. You can enjoy warmth all over with easy to regulate thermostat that will not only warm the floors but the rest of the surrounding as well.

Natural Lighting

With the green revolution all over, you can now embrace more natural light in your bathroom without having to lose the privacy of your sanctuary altogether. How you can do that? Simple. Have skylights installed.

Colors, Patterns, Colored Patterns

Bathroom walls can be boring when they are bare. That will be resolved with the upcoming trend. Do you want a lively bathroom? Well then, it is time you adapt a patterned bathroom. You can have floral sinks, intricately patterned tiles, and hip fittings. You can also choose solid colors to fill the walls.


Both vanities and basins are taking on interesting shapes. They are undoubtedly two of the more important facets of a bathroom and they can be used pretty well to attract oohs and aahs. How? Vanities and basins are now made available in different designs that are brand new. Vanities that can be hung on the wall are getting a fairly warm welcome the same way that oddly shaped basins do. Fresh new textures and patterns are also going to be the norm.

Discreet Toilets

This season, toilets are going unobtrusive yet stylish. That means that toilets do not have to be loud and exposed. They can be installed in-wall or with concealed pipes. No matter what minimalist style you are going to adapt, if you are making your toilets appear discreetly, you are well within the trend.

Bathroom remodeling is a good investment of a project. It will not only maximize your comfort around your sanctuary but also increase the value of your home. If you have got any questions about remodeling and if you live in the San Diego area please be sure to call on us when you want the best home remodeling experience.

by Ian Hammett

Roof Tiles Materials Choices

A roof offers protection from the rain, snow and sun. It keeps the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Approximately 10 percent of the cost of construction goes into the roof of a typical home. Roof tiles materials are available in many price ranges. Slate roofing is the most expensive, but it lasts the longest. Slate roofs can be seen on the famous Biltmore House in North Carolina and on Buckingham Palace in England. Slate is environmentally friendly, because it is a natural product. Asphalt roofing shingles are made from a petroleum by-product and make up over 80 percent of all roofing sold. They are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors. A reflective asphalt shingle has been developed that is designed to reduce cooling costs by reflecting infrared light.

Concrete roof tiles are another economical roof tiles materials. Concrete tiles or lightweight concrete shakes are often recommended in windy areas. They can sustain winds over 125 miles per hour that would strip off other materials. They typically last for the lifetime of the home, which is often in excess of 100 years. Concrete is environmentally friendly because it is made from abundant natural materials and does not use chemicals in the production process. It can be designed to look like clay, wood or slate, and the surface can be textured or smooth. Concrete tiles also have the highest fire rating, Class A, which is required by most building codes.

There are other roof tiles materials that have the highest fire rating. Metal roofing materials, especially a standing seam metal roof, are excellent in areas subject to high fire danger. Steel shingles may last 50 years with proper insulation and an appropriate underlayment or moisture barrier. Steel roofing that is coated with zinc and aluminum alloy may have 3 to 4 times the life of galvanized steel. Aluminum is an extremely lightweight metal for roofing but it must be painted or zinc coated. Copper may be the most expensive material, but it will not rust and has an estimated 200 to 300 year lifespan. It ages beautifully to a natural blue green patina. The historic Christ Church in Philadelphia has a copper roof, and it dates back to before the Revolutionary War. Also, the Statue of Liberty is made of copper and has been standing in New York Harbor since 1886.

There are almost endless choices when shopping for roof tiles materials. A simple flat roof repair may be inexpensive and easy for the homeowner to do himself. A complete roof replacement estimate will involve hiring a reputable contractor and perhaps a specialty roofing contractor. Still, there is always an affordable choice for the homeowner.

by Lawrence Cunningham