Home Security Signs and Decals, Do They Really Work?

By: Richard Armen

With all of the home security and surveillance equipment available today, many homeowners are wondering how to best protect their home without spending a fortune. The homeowner on a budget may want to consider home security alarm signs and window decals. These simple and effective methods to guard against intruders are not only practical, but they are also affordable. Alarm signs are also an excellent options for those who are not comfortable with high tech home security equipment, no matter how effective it might be.

How well do home security alarm signs work? Statistics show that these signs are actually quite effective, even if you have no alarm actually installed on the home. Like a fake security camera, these signs make potential intruders take notice. A potential burglar can't be sure whether you really have a security system or not unless they're willing to risk setting it off. No burglar is willing to risk breaking into a home with an activated security alarm. By warning intruders that you have such a system (even if it's not true), the burglar will simply walk away. Like a scarecrow in the field, this decoy really works to scare away intruders.

These security signs can be placed almost anywhere. Ideally, they should be immediately visible to anyone approaching your property, including those who may sneak around to the back door before ever approaching your main entry. There are signs designed for your yard or wall, and decals to place in the window next to your front door, or any other glass surface. Every ground floor entry, including all doors and windows, should have a sign. The security system sign by your front door should be visible from the street to let all every passerby know that your house is protected.

Essentially, home security alarm signs advertise how well protected your home is. These signs will make an intruder think twice about entering your home. After all, no criminal wants to be caught in the act, and that's exactly what you're warning will happen. Why would he take the risk to break into your home, when there are so many other homes that have been left unprotected?

If you have a home security system installed, it will most likely come with such signs to place around your property. However, even if you don't have such as system, high-quality and professional-looking signs will keep burglars at bay. These signs and stickers must stand up to close inspection by would-be criminals. An experienced burglar won't be fooled by an obviously fake sign. Security system signs and decals are so inexpensive, and so easy to install, that it's surprising how few homeowners have taken advantage of them. These devices offer very effective home security protection at a very low cost.

In addition to signs warning of cameras or alarm systems, there are also emergency signs that alert emergency responders to the presence of children or pets in the home. These signs are crucial for a fast response time and quick rescue. Signs around your home aren't just criminal deterrents; they provide essential emergency information as well.

Alarm signs should be seen as your first line of defense against criminals. A security sign or decal is certainly better than taking no security precautions at all. When used in combination with dummy cameras, wireless door and window alarms, and other home security devices, any intruder is sure to look for an easier target before choosing your home.