Make Your Bar Stools Last – Tips That May Help

By: Andrew Hampton

With the ever rising cost of durable, lasting furniture, just about everyone is looking for ways to make each purchase last. If you are considering purchasing quality bar stools for your home, you may want to browse this article for care instructions that can add significant life to each stool that you own. We all know that bar stools are a versatile and beautiful alternative to chairs or other seating options. They add a liveliness and modern look to any décor, and in most cases, they often cost less than traditional dining room chairs. By following the tips below, you can stretch your decorating budget even further.


Wood is just one of the many materials that today’s top bar stools are made from. Caring for wood is a simple and straight forward process. First off, it is important to keep wood furniture out of harsh direct sunlight if at all possible. Direct sunlight for extended periods of time can lead to warping, fading and an overall deprecation of the appearance of your purchase. Make sure you dust and clean your wood furniture on a regular basis. A build up of dirt and oil can change the color of wood and even shorten the lifespan of your stool. Use a soft cloth to dust with and use a top quality polish or moistening agent to extend the life of your purchase even further. One final tip, it is important to keep wood away from air vents for the same reason it is important to keep them away from direct sunlight: prolonged exposure can warp and damage the appearance of wood.


Metal bar stools are growing increasingly popular thanks to their long lasting durability and the fact that they can be used outside on the patio and inside at the dinner table. Keeping your metal furniture clean is an important part of extending the life of your purchase. Make sure you never use any harsh or abrasive cleaners on your metal furniture. Many of these cleaners contain alkali, which can damage the surface. If you have tough stains that need extra attention, use hot and soapy water, but make sure you completely dry the surface when you are done so no rusting occurs.


More and more of today’s popular bar stool models are upholstered in leather. Almost all leather products come with their own specific instructions or products that are made to clean that particular type of leather. If no such instructions exist, either speak to the manufacturer or pick up a leather-only cleaner from your local grocery store. In most cases, a small bottle of leather cleaning solution will last for months. Simply dab the cleaner onto the leather and wipe away. Using the wrong kind of cleaner for leather can cause cracking and an overall deterioration of the appearance of your stool.

As you can see, proper care for you bar stool isn’t difficult. With the right attention and care, your purchase can last for a generation.