Applications of Air Purifiers

If you are thinking of buying an air purifier then it is advisable that you do a complete market research so that you choose the right kind of purifier for your property. Air purifiers can remove up to 99.97% particulates present in the air that can be cause of allergies, asthma, odor, etc. It is especially good if you have someone at home is unwell or has an immune deficiency (like AIDS) or is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Here are a few applications of Air Purifiers


Some air purifiers work on square footage where as some work on the whole area. You need to decide exactly how many rooms you need the air filtration for and how strong. Features of air neutralizers varies from company to company and you must also choose what kind of filtration process you require; ozone generators, filters, ionizers, UV lamps, etc. If you require an air filtration system for someone who is unwell then you should get multiple purifiers for the maximum benefits.

You can use purifiers in:

• Kitchens
• Bedrooms
• Halls
• Bathrooms
• Garages
• Lounges
• Dining rooms
• Designated smoking areas


Air purifiers that are used on a commercial basis are manufactured in a different way than residential air purifiers as the load and capacity are completely different. The choice depends upon what it is going to be used for. For e.g. a manufacturer who wants to remove dust particles and from the air should choose HEPA purifiers or go with another filtration technology. If you require it for germs then an UV based purifier is your best option. If you are thinking of covering a large area then you could opt for one large purifier but this can be expensive. If you require it for a small office then installing smaller units individually in each room will be better and less costly. Remember if you get large purifiers the air will be cleaner and purer closer to the purifier then the rest of the area. If you are unsure of which one to opt for then it is better to consult professional company as they will guide expertly.

Commercial areas you will need Air Purifiers:

• Lobbies
• Boardrooms
• Stores & Boutiques
• Hospitals and Labs
• Hotels and Restaurants
• Offices
• Food and Beverage Plants
• Packing lines
• Warehouses
• General Manufacturing Plants
• Elect Assembly

by Tim Boston