Vessel Sinks - The New Trend in Bathroom Design

Today, sinks have become somewhat of a fashion statement. Some artistic homeowners even design and plan entire rooms around it. There is no better place for this than the bathroom!

It is well known that remodeling a bathroom is one of the best things you can do to improve the value of your home. Buyers are interested in updated kitchens and bathrooms. While a kitchen remodel may be take tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish, updating your bathroom can be accomplished for much less.

Sinks, of course, are a major component of a bathroom. Choosing the right one for your new space can set the tone and style for the room. There are many varying types and as many different materials to choose from today. There are carved granite sinks, ceramic sinks, stainless steel sinks, undermount sinks. My personal favorite is the vessel sink. This type is what is what I like to call the 'bowl sink'. Of course, all sinks are basically bowls (although perhaps in different shapes), or at least basins, but the vessel sink is a type of sink that often sits ON TOP of the counter instead residing within the counter. These sinks give an updated, modernized look to a bathroom. The style gives a luxurious feeling and makes your bathroom stand out as stylish and forward thinking.

There are many retail sources for vessel sinks. Prices can range from the inexpensive, selling for $59.99, to the pricey, selling for well over a thousand dollars. Today consumers have a large selection of ready made sinks to choose from or custom ordering your own personalized design. Many choose to hire a professional for installation but fortunately vessel sinks can be a do-it-yourself item with a few simple instructions and following manufacturer installation instructions.

by J. Vinson