Bamboo Coffee Table - A Unique and Tropical Feel For Your Home

Are you looking for a coffee table that brings out your living room? Do you want it to stand out and look elegant? Then the best coffee table for this style is a bamboo one. This durable material usually paired with wrought iron or steel fits most interior designs and can withstand allot of abuse.

One word of advice though before you up and try buying one, they are costly and are much more expensive than getting a simple oak or pine table. Bamboo is not grown in the U.S. and not even Canada. When you decide if you want one you will have to import it from china, India or even Japan. It is a unique product and is not being produced in abundance and therefore apart from importing, you may have to have it custom made. Nevertheless, you may still have to import the supplies to build it. This can raise the price of the coffee table drastically.

These bamboo tables will attract allot of attention as most likely your friends and family may have never seen one before and apart from that they have a very exotic look to them. So if you want a center table that will pull allot of attraction then that's the table you want.

These pieces of unique furniture have the same features as the other regular types of tables. You may get them with Glass surfaces with bamboo frames. They can also come with shelving or without. It all depends on the kind you are looking for. Another style you can go for is having steel surfaces with bamboo frames of course.

Taking proper care of your bamboo will allow it to last even longer. Harsh chemicals or water can cause your table to get a rough surface. Use substances to clean it that will not react with the bamboo as it may be sensitive to some chemicals, otherwise it is very durable. When cleaning do not use a rag that is very wet as it may dis-colorize and deteriorate the surface of the wood.

It may be sometimes impossible to remove a stain from your table therefore try to prevent your kids from using crayons and markers on its surface. Even some paints might spoil its look so please protect it from the environmental hazards. Some individuals like using some glass or plastic to protect the bamboo.

by Nicha Testler