5 Easy Ways to Accessorize a Room

By: Dina Solise

If you find that the current look of your home is rather boring or you’re just looking for something different, there are many simple ways to spruce things up by accessorizing any room in your home. To give any room an entirely new look, you don’t need a lot of money or an interior decorator. By following these simple suggestions, you can accessorize any room in your home.

Add Some Extra Flair with Throw Pillows

An easy place to start is by adding throw pillows to the sofa or chair. Another simple way to accessorize is to add a throw blanket to the back of the sofa. Just be sure that these items aren’t the exact same color as the sofa or chair, as they should add some interest and design element to the room. For instance, if you have a tan sofa, find decorative pillows where tan is not the main color in the design or pattern. By finding accessories that match other complementary colors in the room, you can really pull the room together.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures

You can give your room a whole new glow by updating your lighting fixtures. Installing new lighting in a room can make a big difference, whether you’re replacing older fixtures or small ones. A variety of fixtures are available that are both inexpensive and easy to install. Be sure to get a fixture that gives off plenty of light to make your room brighter. At the same time, find a design style that fits the room.

Go Green with Your Living Room Accessories

With a simple houseplant or vase of flowers, you can easily add more color to any room. There are some really beautiful fake flower arrangements available at craft stores. If you’re creative enough, you might even make one yourself. Be sure to place the flower arrangement in a prominent spot in the room so it garners lots of attention. You would also want to do this for a houseplant, whether it’s real or fake. To draw more attention to the fireplace, for instance, consider placing two houseplants on either side of it.

Fill Up a Blank Wall with Framed Pictures

Are your walls boring? Try hanging a few picture frames in various shapes and sizes to spice things up. There are so many picture frames available these days that are both unique and stylish. They not only allow you to display your favorite pictures, but they also add some interest to the room. Black-and-white pictures or those with just a touch of color will provide a dramatic look, as will matted images.

Reorganize Knickknacks with Shelving

If your various knickknacks in a room are getting lost in the mix, consider grouping them together on a mantle or shelving on wood bookcases. This way, you can display them together in a stylish arrangement and thus better accessorize the room.

Adding simple accessories allows you to easily redecorate or switch around the style design of a room. If you want to go a little further in reinventing the look, consider moving the furniture around or add new pieces, such as new oak dining room tables. It should be neither hard nor expensive to accessorize a room. By simply getting creative, you can really let your style show.