Remodeling Your Bathroom For Your Health

By: Dave Robert

You might be cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis, scrubbing the bathroom tiles and the toilet bowl, as well as wiping down the shower and changing the towels regularly, but are you doing enough? The motivation for contemporary bathroom might not be about creating a modern style, but rather making sure that your bathroom is clean and healthy to use. In order to keep you and your family safe, here are some bathroom remodeling tips you need to use.

What is lurking in your bathroom?

One of the biggest problems in the bathroom is bacteria and this makes sense given the fact that you use the bathroom for germ filled activities, using the toilet and cleaning off your body. However, these bacteria do not normally cause problems for healthy adults when you clean regularly. If you have someone in your home that might be more sensitive to these kinds of germs, you can start a contemporary bathroom remodeling project that includes surfaces that are easier to clean, i.e. flat surfaces and metals, so that germs cannot congregate. Black mold can be much trickier to find, residing in the walls and underneath bathroom tiles, so there is more work to be done for that kind of grime.

Battling mold with a remodel

When you suspect that you have mold in your bathroom, the first thing you will want to do is call in someone to test your speculation. A mold testing professional will come out to your house to see just how many spores are in your bathroom and whether or not you need to hire someone to remove the mold or you can remove it yourself. If you are able to remove it yourself, you will want to get rid of all of the items that are infested with the mold, fixtures, wall pieces, cabinets, bathroom tiles, etc. This will get your bathroom off to a clean start. If you cannot remove a particular item, you can clean it down with a bleach solution or as recommended by the tester or other professional. In this remodel, you will also want to install a high quality bathroom fan that will keep the air from being moist and allowing mold to grow in these conditions.

Other tips for remodeling for health

Those with allergies will need certain help from your contemporary bathroom remodeling project. Those with allergies to dust and mold will need the bathroom to be easy to clean. Surfaces need to be flat and smooth, without any cracks or crevices that might harbor dirt or allergens. If you currently have bathroom tiles, these will probably need to be removed and replaced with a flat tiling setup. Those with immune system problems will need surfaces to be made from anti-bacterial materials, which are expensive, but worth the additional costs. The biggest concern is simply the regular use of a good, high quality bathroom fan. This fan should be used during any showers or baths and then be run for at least thirty minutes after the bath has ended. The fan should be cleaned on a monthly basis, if not more regularly. You might also want to look into HEPA air filters for your bathroom, if severe allergies are an issue.

Your bathroom is always going to be a popular room in your house, but when you plan a contemporary bathroom remodeling project with health in mind, it will be the safest room in the house as well.