Interior Painting: Give Your Home a Touch of Life

By: Eugene Makeev

Colors do make life a lot more attractive, livelier and simply vibrant. Your everyday hectic New York life could use some refreshing change and nothing beats a fresh coat of paint to achieve this. Especially if your current home is new or pre-owned, chances are the interior walls would be in neutral shades or stark white. What seemed to work with the realtors may seem lifeless to you. Inject your home with a flare of lively color and indulge in the comforting ambiance that it brings through Interior Painting.

‘So what are the benefits of undertaking an interior painting project?’ you might ask. For one, it is the least expensive and least time-consuming project you can take for a splash of change. Other than enjoying the result in no time, the job result is both functional and decorative. Interior painting breathes life into a room, sets the mood and impression you want to get out of guests, highlights architectural details while hiding flaws, and protects the walls.

But though the project seems easy enough, do not get fooled and fall into the pitfall many New York homeowners have already fallen into. If you really want the most bang for your every buck, do not sacrifice quality over the dollars that you ‘think’ you’ll save. Craftsmanship and product selection are crucial in making a success out of your interior painting project. So if you are not skilled and experienced enough to undertake the task then, hand it over to a qualified contractor.

Product and color selection is often the interior painting phase where many homeowners get stuck. With all the available colors, types of paints and the many manufacturers; choosing the right paint can be daunting. To help you out on this, here are several things to consider:

• As you will be the one most exposed to the change, it is important that the color that you choose is something that you like. Choose a color that matches your taste as well as complements with the rest of the décor and furnishings.

• When you choose a color, pick up a shade that is neither too dark nor light.

• You can also pick a color in accordance to its psychological effect.

• Paints are manufactured according to use which may range from multi-purpose to specific areas. When choosing from the different types of paint, choose one that is appropriate for the room you want painted.

Wall preparation makes up most of the interior painting project and is among the most crucial stages. This could make or break the project, adding a good deal of years to the result if done right. This the time when every area needing repairs should be attended to, to make the wall ready for the actual application of paint.

Interior painting is also a great opportunity to unleash the creativity in you. Using various application methods and tools, different textures and patterns can be actualized. Create a wall for your fantasy through faux painting where any environment from outer space to fairyland is possible. For designs with specific patterns, you can either opt for wall stenciling or rubber stamping.