Wardrobe Boxes and Simple Tips on Packing Clothes

By: John Clayton

Moving to a new home? Then you most certainly need wardrobe boxes. However, there are people out there who choose to do otherwise and simply opt to use whatever box is lying around. This is the wrong thing to do. The thing with these ordinary cardboard boxes is that they are not equipped to hold your garments and neither are they durable enough to endure the load and the bumps that you will inevitably encounter during the transit to your new home. In fact, a lot of these ordinary cardboard boxes fall apart even before you get them inside the moving truck. They are that fragile. Besides, there are certain perks to using these wardrobe moving boxes that no other moving box can provide you with. First off, these boxes actually have rods in them from which you can hang your more delicate clothing such as your suits, evening wear and so on. These are the items that you can’t fold inside a box because doing so might damage their fabric permanently. If you have designer items in your wardrobe that require extra care then it is recommended that you get these specially designed boxes to hold them. After all, they are investments as well.

Now, here are a few tips by which you could utilize your wardrobe boxes when it comes to packing your clothes for the big move.

- Make a list before you start packing. This would allow you to organize everything beforehand and enable you to pick and choose the ones you want to take with you and the ones that you ought to sell during a garage sale or donate to your local Goodwill. After all, you have very limited space and you simply can’t afford to take everything with you.

- Instead of piling your clothing on top of the other, try rolling them instead. This would reduce any signs of creasing and give you more space inside the box. In fact, you can even insert various fragile items such as glassware or figurines inside the rolled up garments in order to protect them from damage. Remember, the fewer boxes you use, the more space you have inside the moving truck.

- Pack your clothes seasonal clothes in a separate box. Your heavy coats for winter shouldn’t mix with your clothes for spring and so on. Doing this would definitely save you time when it comes to unpacking simply because you need not take out your winter garments out of the box unnecessarily. You just simply store them away up until the time when they are finally needed.

- Lastly, make full use of your wardrobe boxes. There would still be a bit of space underneath the clothes that you have hanging so use that extra bit of storage wisely. As for the clothes hanging in the box, do cover them in garment bags or make one out of a clean garbage bag. This would prevent dust from sticking to the fabric.

So there you have it some simple tips on how to pack wisely and how to make full use of your wardrobe moving boxes.