Upgrading to HDTV - What You Should Know

When you make the decision to upgrade to a high definition television, HDTV, that's just the beginning, there are quite a few things to start with, what parts and pieces you need and how much it will cost. HDTVs come in several options, plasma, LCD and rear projection, so you'll need to purchase one of these to receive HD pictures. These all have their upsides and downsides so it's good to research that to be sure you get the one that is appropriate to your lifestyle.

There are a few costs associated with upgrading to an HDTV. Depending on where you decide to place your television, you may incur costs with installation. Your two options are placing it on a television stand or mounting it on a wall. Placing it on a television stand is the most economical unless you buy a brand new entertainment center just for this purpose. Oftentimes they are mounted on a wall. If this is the case, unless one is confident of self-installation, this can cost around $100 or more to have a professional come in and do the installation.

Consider next who will be providing your HD signal, have a conversation with your satellite or cable provider, they may have some specials or a free HD upgrade. They often have services to help you like installation of your HDTV for cheap or free. If there is no special check around with other providers in your area to see what might be available.

Beyond the costs for installation and the digital cable/satellite upgrade costs there will be more expense due to the cable costs if the HDTV doesn't come with proper cables. A cable that won't come with the TV is an HDMI cable (high definition multimedia interface), and this is the cable you will want to use to connect your signal source to the television. Shop around for these cables as the prices vary greatly.

How compatible is your DVD player to your new HDTV? You may have to upgrade your DVD source to Blu-Ray Disc which can be expensive. Upgrading to a high definition television definitely has advantages and disadvantages. It offers more in the entertainment of movie viewing and video gaming, yet more expensive.

by JasonG Thomas