Barnwood Furniture

Lawn furniture that accommodates just about any taste can be found through a wide variety of online stores that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. While many homeowners and apartment dwellers only get to enjoy outdoor living for a few months out of the year, there are many people who live in mild climates that take advantage of their surroundings all year round. "The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof." (Psalm 97:1) No matter what type of items that are needed or for what kind of use, products for outside family living are almost limitless. From traditional metal benches and chairs to furnishings made from exotic woods, the possibilities for comfortable, sturdy yet stylish items can be purchased from around the world simply by clicking on an Internet store.

There are many online sources that totally specialize in products for outside living and there are many department stores that offer lawn and garden sections within their establishments. Many stores that offer lawn furniture within a section of their department store may generally provide the more traditional furnishings that most people associate with outside recreation or relaxation. Standard chairs, tables, benches, loveseats, sofas and daybeds are offered that are made from a more traditional variety of materials. Outdoor furniture that is made from cast iron, aluminum, treated wood, wicker and polyethylene resin are more common today. Most are built to withstand typical usage by families during the 3 or 4 months of late spring, summer and early fall. There are items to accommodate garden living, poolside entertainment and summer party times.

All products made for outside enjoyment are not made the same depending on the proposed usage. Poolside products such as recliners, umbrella tables, chairs, and refreshment centers are usually made to withstand exposure to higher levels of water and humidity than typical outdoor furniture. Some of the more popular options that many people purchase are those that are made from polyethylene resin or a plastic like material. It is very sturdy, can be wiped off with a damp cloth and resists mold and mildew growth which is so prevalent on poolside furnishings. These types of items can withstand being dumped into the water or standing all summer in the hot sun with intermittent spring rains. For those who also have children who bring their friends over all summer, this choice can be the most practical and economical.

Some of these types of products are low priced and can more easily be replaced when broken or faded. Other types of materials are used to produce visually pleasing as well as comfortable pool or lawn furniture. Cast metal is commonly used to produce chairs, tables and benches that can withstand the rigors of a humid, wet summer day at the pool. Metal items can also be cleaned and repainted yearly for those who required a fresh look each year at the start of spring. Treated wood has been a traditional choice for many people who prefer a more rugged, warm decor for their pool or swimming retreat. Treated wood resists mold or mildew and is usually treated for insects as well. Natural stains are applied by many manufacturers and can be painted over by owners year after year if they desire.

One of the most popular materials to take the forefront of outside living decor is the polyethylene resin material that is manufactured to resemble real wicker. It is processed into fine lawn furniture that is hard to distinguish from traditionally woven wicker pieces. However, the material will withstand mold, mildew, chipping, melting, breaking or other rough usage. The color choices are varied and can be purchased in white, antique white, green as well as other preferences. The price for the 'new wicker' runs a bit higher than typical plastic or molded outdoor furniture, but withstands heavy traffic and weather exposure. Some people love it so much that they decorate the interior of their homes with it as well even though this furniture was typically designed for outside enjoyment.

by Campbellg Steven