Glass Shelving - More Popular Each and Every Day

Glass shelves were always very popular in bathrooms but have seen an increase in popularity throughout the rest of the home. Many modern designs favor the use of glass and metal. There are many cabinet styles that are popular and suited for various rooms throughout the home. Shelving is a necessity to display art, collections and to act as storage for little used items.

Some are simple and they sit on brackets screwed into the wall, some are part of a larger piece of furniture. Regardless of the type they are lovely to look out and functional.


Surprisingly enough shelves made of glass are rather durable. The glass is usually tempered to increase the durability, and to avoid cracking. Tempered glass is usually at least a quarter of an inch thick and has a green hue to it. The shelving is not as durable as wooden or metal models but does the job nicely.


Floating glass shelves is very popular. The name comes from the illusion that the shelves are not attached to anything. The system is a tongue and groove system where the shelves are attached directly into the wall. This shelving is more than a system of shelves it is more of an architectural element. The shelves look as if they are built in design elements of the wall.

The system can be designed in many different ways, and can be used to house an entertainment system, books, display collections, plates and a host of other items that would normally sit on a shelf.

The floating glass shelves opens up a whole new possibility for shelving units. There are no height restrictions, because each shelf is individually installed, and the designs are unlimited and can be present in many different arrangements. Installing floating glass shelves is simplistic and only requires a few hand tools. There are professional installation options available.

Another favorite application of glass shelves is in a dining room hutch. Glass shelves are often used in conjunction with wood shelves, the glass is used to reflect light and open up the visual space of the cabinetry.


Glass shelving is usually no more or less expensive than wood or metal shelving options. Cost is relative to design and function. The more unique and elaborate the shelving is the more expensive it will be.

by Dickson Young