Heart of Interior Decoration

The fundamentals of interior decoration lies in the flooring. Enriching the flooring with energetic style, alluring beauty, vivacious color, tantalizing creativity and stunning design is most needed, be it a small house or a palace. An elegant looking floor is always an object of jealousy.

While aiming at the most attractive form of flooring, we need not spare loads of bucks when you have decided to opt for either Laminate or Hardwood Flooring. These two kinds of flooring have got wads vantages. Laminate is a kind of multi layer, synthetic flooring. There are as much as four layers in laminate flooring.

The first layer is a diaphanous layer which gives auspices to the other layers.

The second layer is the typical laminate layer which is a decorative layer that coruscates with resplendence, creativity and finesse of the artist.

The third layer is the melange of melamine layer and a fiber material layer. Melamine is a nitrogenous organic base which when mixed with formaldehyde gives a resin which is a thermosetting plastic. Distinctively this melamine resin gives the fire retardant properties. The fiber in this layer gives endurance for the laminate flooring. The fourth layer is a layer of glue for fixing the laminate units. Thus laminate flooring is the fusion of many layers with lamination.

The hardwood flooring is quite tralatitious kind. They are user friendly. There are two types: Unfinished and Prefinished Hardwood flooring.

In Prefinished flooring, once the design and color are chosen, they cannot be changed over time. But they are very easy to install and they have a good durability up to 25 years.

In Unfinished flooring, the color and design can be changed once in a season depending upon the user's wish. This has a comparatively lower durability than Prefinished and Laminate flooring but holds an advantage of being modified time to time.

by Joselin Fernandus